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Saso Popovski Trio-Kom Dipsan

Saso Popovski Trio- Kom Dipsan

Born in the Mediterranean-flavored city of Bitola, he is now a leading artist, jazz guitarist and composer in the Balkan jazz and world music scene. Popovski created and developed a new musical expression, bringing oriental sounds to a mystical language.

His latest release Fallen Land (SJF Records 2020 – Skopje Jazz Festival Label) is a seven-track multi-cultural music of pure lines, exotic motifs, concluded structures and lush imagination. Rhythmically and also melodically, his music alludes to oriental patterns, which makes it a bit mystical. He organizes his compositions around a beautifully derived, clear, appealing melodious lines.

“Fallen Land is an album in which we can find the best of the soul of the Balkans and Popovski finds a more central dimension that best highlights its compositional and executive skills. The rhythms and harmonic lines know no boundaries. Balkan jazz has a modern soul.” – Mario Ferraioli Jazz In Family Italy

Saso Popovski has performed at many jazz festivals in Europe and has worked with well-known jazz artists including Toni Kitanovski, Oscar Salas, Milcho Leviev, Dave Wilson and Goce Micanov. He is currently Head of Jazz department at the Goce Delchev University in Stip. In the last decade, Popovski has released five albums, many solo compositions, and also composed music for film and theatre. His current trio project is with Ivan Bejkov on double bass and Viktor Filipovski on drums.

In 2021, the album Fallen Land finished first on the regional jazz scene of HRT Croatia’s Jazzolovka show and was the album of the week in Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland and Macedonia.


Saso Popovski Solo
Saso Popovski Trio
Ivan Bejkov
Viktor Filipovski
Saso Popovski Trio
ft. Olivier Samouillan


“The characteristic for guitarist and composer Sasho Popovski’s seven compositions on Fallen Land is an emotional thread that runs through the mostly introspective, artfully executed performances and makes the tracks cohere.

Nenad Georgievski All About Jazz

“Music with plenty of emotion and suggestion. It will take you back to the past like an old black and white photo. But on the other hand, it will also open the door to the future through its nostalgic journey. “

Simone Gubbiotti Jazz in Europe

“Male jazz with boy’s pollen. Popovski’s music is from a completely different Balkan world, it is far from animal rhythms and dance riots. Her attributes are pure line, fantasy, dreamy, cinematic mood, and oriental ornaments, which often give the songs a mystical touch.”

Jan Hocek Jazz Port Cehia


Ravne Jazz Festival 8 September 2023 Slovenia

Podgorica Jazz Festival 25 April 2023 Montenegro

Punk Jazz Festival Binar 20 January 2023 Bulgaria

Transilvania Jazz Festival 4 November 2022 Romania

One Jazz Festival 21 October 2022 Romania